punchtheflowers (punchtheflowers) wrote,

4th bloom

[Vinnie had been spending a lot of time on his own outside, watching the flower buds peek through the snow. Had he been actively avoiding certain people? Hell yes. But he was privately trying to console himself with the slow return of spring.

It was getting warmer. Greener. All his hopes for the future lay in the coming month.

All are welcome to bug him as he mopes in the melting snow.]

= = =

I wanna get back into training again. At least doing something. I'm sick of waiting around and feeling like this. I've been getting into fights anyway, so... I should've told you about those.

I know I've been pulling stupid shit lately. You can lay it on me for that.

= = =

...Sorry for being such an asshole.

There's a girl that likes me. I don't know what the fuck t'do.

So if you guys have any ideas on how I should stop fucking up my life, I'm all ears.

By the way, Smoe: those nose things work really well. Thanks.
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