punchtheflowers (punchtheflowers) wrote,

7th bloom; prom

I don't really give a fuck if You-know-who-you-are is reading this or not, but I know at least Team Rocket's not stupid to pull anything during grad or prom. You know why? Because in about the last month or so, the school's fended off an infestation of demon birds, and an invasion force. What do you think think would happen if they trash a party with this entire fighting school in one room? Especially a party everyone's been looking forward to for weeks?

Yeah, they'd get their sorry asses handed t'them by the entire faculty and a lotta pissed off students.

And now that we don't have classes and finals anymore? Yeah, damn straight Team Rocket better watch their shit if they feel like making a comeback. They're the ones oughta be afraid of us.

So anyway. Congrats to everyone who's graduatin' and shit. How many've you are there, anyway? Is anyone sticking around t'take college credits, or are you all goin' off and getting jobs?

= = =

So. You guys have any grad plans? I think I'm gonna go and check it out. Seems like your kinda thing, Sis - I mean, you like dancing an' all.

Red, Sonny, Kojiro, are you guys coming? Apparently you don't need a date t'go.

Elis? I know you haven't been here long, but... I dunno, maybe you'll meet some new people. Or something.

= = =

Hey. Haven't seen you in a while. I wasn't planning on goin' to prom with a date or anything, but... I figure, since I screwed up Valentine's for you so royally, I should at least make it up t'you with a dance, right?

You'll have t'teach me how though, cuz whenever Sis tries she just trips over her own tail.
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