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OOC; relationships

= Lifelong bond
= Brotastic
= Respects you
= Okay terms
= Not fond of you
= Char Would love to punch you in the face
= Crushing on you
= Really attracted
= Totally in love

Vinnie's relationships

Red (aka "Boss")

Trainer, boss, idol, partner and brother. Loves and respects you more than anything. In Vinnie's mind, you are the manliest subject of pure manhood with the way you keep your cool, kick all available asses, and save the day forever.

Marie (aka "M")

Despite being Red's starter, Vinnie didn't think much of Marie originally, because of his timid nature. Now cares about him deeply, even if he makes fun of him a bit. Enjoys his sass but not his awful taste in music. He's the littlest brother, and often turns to him for idiotic missions like spying on Sasha's dates. Lately, Marie's turned him onto texting.

Sasha (aka "Sis")

While she's probably his closest teammate, Vinnie and Sasha originally hated each other. They were extremely competitive and stubborn and constantly tried to upstage each other. Now, they're an ass-kicking duo. Sasha's usually the first one he confides in and the one he knows he can act the stupidest around. Be warned if you want to go on a date with her, however.

Euphrosyne (aka "Brainy")

Vinnie totally doted on Euphie as an Eevee. She was sweet, innocent and naive, and he was coming out of his cocky jerkass phase. Made it pretty jarring when she evolved, but he still sees her as his littlest wee sister, and he's very gentle with her. She knows all his secrets, so he comes to her with his big problems - the ones only a psychic could help with. Super protective of her.

Sonny Moe ("Sunshine" "S'moe")

The middle brother, Sonny is lovable and endearing, even if living with him has its own unique challenges. Basically, the snoring and the eating. But he's a guy who knows how to take things easy and enjoy himself. Fun to hang out with and even funner to watch in battle. Watching the look on people's faces when a Snorlax uses Giga Impact is beautiful.

Kojiro ("Koz")

As the older brother, Vinnie looks up to Kojiro. He admires his zen attitude and the serenity of his actions, and being around him makes Vinnie wish he was so mature. Even if his calmness can get a little maddening sometimes, he's definitely wise in his ways. It's a pity Vinnie's always terrible at following his advice. He's saved quite a few bonsai trees from a gruesome death at Kojiro's flippers, however.


Vinnie doesn't like your attitude. Even if you weren't Red's rival (which wasn't something that'd make you inherently detestable), it both baffles and annoys him how obsessed with himself Green seems to be. If there's one thing Vinnie hates, it's people ditching their responsibilities. Ambushing them at Silph Co. while Team Rocket had taken over, and then leaving without doing anything about it was a really dick move. Guess you were too busy trying to be Champion instead of caring about anyone else. Are you feeling cushy figuratively sitting in Giovanni's old gym chair? There's a tiny, deeply hidden part of Green that actually cares about people, but Vinnie has no idea why it's so hard for the guy to let it out.

Bulba ("Goldie")

The least irritating of Green's team, though that by itself isn't saying much. Back in his own Ivysaur days, Vinnie was sort of a jerk to the guy, seeing as how he was a fathead about being a higher evolutionary stage than the Bulbasaur. And after Bulba evolved it... well, still looks like Vinnie's still a step ahead. But he's mellowed out about their apparent rivalry considerably (even if it's yet to apologize about it). Can't really see him as a rival anymore, not because he's such a high and mighty Venusaur, but because it's a Venusaur's goddamn job to look out for smaller Grass types. He wants to be the bigger man here, especially since he secretly feels sorry for Bulba never growing up in a real forest. Too bad they're still pretty awkward together. Vinnie's trying his best not to be a screw up in his eyes.

Char ("Goddamn Jackass")

You are the biggest asshole in the world, Char. Your existence pisses him off. You and your stupid petty jackass antagonizing fire-type bullshit. Vinnie wants to feed you your own teeth, he doesn't care if Grass is hideously vulnerable to Fire/Flying. Has no idea how anyone can stand you, especially since he's totally oblivious to your tsundere ways and the fact you actually care about your teammates.

Nyx ("Nghsdnfks")

Doesn't know much about her. All he knows (and needs to know) is that she's kind of a dick, and kind of a Ghost - and ghosts make him seriously uncomfortable. He wants to punch all ghosts, or alternatively, have them get the fuck away from him. Has no idea she's dating Char, and is probably will be in denial forever about anyone ever wanting to.


Erika once kicked his ass royally. It was a humbling moment for Vinnie, and one he's always remembered. Especially since he developed a huge crush on the Vileplume that Petal Danced some humility into him. Being around her is still kind of intimidating, because even though he evolved, he's sure she could whup him if he wanted to. He's glad he doesn't have to fight her anymore, because she's really a caring mentor to Grass types. He owes her quite a lot, and often turns to her for advice and reassurance from a Grass-lover's perspective.


Max isn't too different from Vinnie, really. Except that he's a walking meat colossus. They could've been friends if it weren't for the fact that this guy totally tried to flirt with Sasha and that makes Vinnie hate him irrationally. That made for a really dickish first impression. He can respect Max's strength, but he's not convinced that the CO would be good enough for his Sis.


Met Lash (properly) for the first time at blind dates, although previously he rushed headlong into a rescue team when she'd been kidnapped by Metal Sonic. While she isn't his Type (prefers Flying to Grass), she is a genius with machines, deathrays, all that cool shit he thought you could only get in a video game inventory. Afterwards, she built him a boat oar, but he's only been able to figure out how to use the laser beams, lightsaw and pez dispenser functions.

Andy ("...What?")

Half the things that come out of this kid's mouth, Vinnie doesn't understand. The other half, he misunderstands. You are the weirdest little thing. You are also apparently Max's wingman, and that makes you a candidate for irrational over-protective sister vibes as well. Or, at least, if Vinnie wasn't too busy being befuddled by you.

Arceus ("Godlady")

What can you say about God? She's God. Pretty cool lady, gave him muffins and seems to know Red pretty well. Again with the women who are frighteningly strong - the way she cheerfully pops out of nowhere is a bit jarring. Needs to remind himself to be extra polite around her. Most of the time he prefers not to bug her about things like divine favours, even if he wishes that she could give him all the answers.


Another ghost. You are weird and terrifying. Vinnie doesn't trust you, and he especially hates the way you suddenly start probing and interviewing everything. He wants to avoid you forever. And if he ever, ever remembers that you were the one behind that invisible midnight assault in the hospital, he is seriously going to ruin shit.

Kirby ("Pinky")

Weird little pink thing he mistook for a Jigglypuff. Seems innocent enough. Apparently a friend of Bulba's? Seems like an okay guy, if strange. Better influence on Bulba than Char and the other Green team jerks probably are.

Spinarak ("Spinner")

Originally thought she looked like a tasty snack. Has since decided (with some nagging from Sasha) that since Venusaurs had to look out for little Grass type bros, they should probably look out for little Poison type bros too. Spinner's timid nature and her quest to grow stronger has totally wormed its way into Vinnie's big brother type instincts, and he empathizes entirely. His advice is sadly, a mixed bag of good and awful.


The Johto champion's a girl bustling with optimism and energy, with a strong sense of justice, and hero worships Red. At least, she used to. He wants to be able to live up to her expectations, and encourage her dreams, but all that seems to have collapsed after he sent a human to intensive care. Disappointment and heartbreak. She's working on forgiving him. He's working on regaining her trust.


Mac is a cool bro. He's a cool bro who also wears pink, and there's not too many of them around. While Vinnie hasn't known him very long, Mac's proven himself to be a more than decent guy who cares deeply for his friends.

Volgin ("Ginny")

This guy is a monster beyond what Vinnie has ever thought possible. The man responsible for nearly killing his sister, for ripping off two of his leaves and crippling him, and somehow he's allowed to teach at the school. He gives off the impression of an unrepentant murderer, a predator to his very soul. Vinnie had the chance to kill him once - sometimes he wonders if he'd be wrong taking it.


Shot his sister, and is apparently Volgin's lover. Stirred up a whole lot of shit about Pokemon being inferior animals, but for the most part seems less of a threat than his sadistic boyfriend. That is, unless he has a gun.

Dana ("Dan")

God of time, which sounds totally awesome. Crazy powers. Dana encouraged him through a tough period, and it really warmed his heart that a deity would take the time (ha ha) to care about guys like him. He's completely oblivious to the crush she has on him, unfortunately. Also, once she went crazy, he fought her to try to get her back to her senses, and she threw him off a building. So there's that.


A loud, bumbling, obnoxious punk that needed a lesson in manners and got one, courtesy of the bottom of Vinnie's foot. Swears and makes a lot of noise in a juvenile attempt to seem tough - something very familiar to him from his Ivysaur days. Basically, not that intimidating, despite a slight type advantage. Goddamn annoying, though. Lash needs to do a better job of training him.
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