punchtheflowers (punchtheflowers) wrote,

2nd bloom; hospitalization

What the FUCK is going on?! Am I hearing right that Char's being brought to the Pokecentre too?

I don't know how it got this fucking bad. It was a stupid fight. Look, I'm the one who sent that Yevgeny guy to intensive care. I'm sure as hell not gonna let Sasha take all the blame cuz I lost it and nearly killed the guy.

But anyone who thinks I would've done different if I couldn't look human obviously doesn't get it. I'll take responsibility for landing a human in the hospital, but I'm not sorry for it. I'm sorry for all this shit that happened afterwards.

Don't know how to help with any of this shit. I know it's on my head and... I'm stuck 'til I'm clear for fungi infection. We don't need a war springing up over this.

[edited for my dumbness regarding FUTUREDATED HATE CRIMES]
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