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3rd bloom; gifts

[Being broke and hospitalized, Vinnie didn't have much in the way of gift-giving this year. However, some people will find a bonsai tree outside their door in the morning - all of them look like they've been hacked away at very poorly by the worst bonsai artist in the world, but each one has been lovingly nursed back to health. They're not trimmed or elegant, but they're thriving. Each one comes with a pink ribbon tied around the trunk, a card, and instructions on caring for them.]

= = =
Sorry doesn't cover what happened to you, but you got hurt because of the mess that I started, and I owe it to you to make things better however I can. If you need anything, ever, lemme know.

to Uxie: The tree's name is Cassia. She's a bit shy, try to place her about objects or plants if you have them so she doesn't feel alone.

to Pit: The tree's name is Sylvaine. She gets sad if you don't greet her in the morning, so try not to sleep in too often.

to Claus: The tree's name is Thalie. She likes being read to before bed.

to Vianca: The tree's name is Cameron. She's a bit self-conscious and likes to feel pretty, so compliment her once in a while to make her grow better.

to Amp: The tree's name is Vanaja. She likes knowing everything that's going on, so talk to her about what your day was like.

to Blacky: the tree's name is Melanie. She enjoys listening to music. She grows especially well if you hum when you water her.

✿Merry Christmas, and get well soon.

PS. Blacky: Even if there's only a chance that you're related to Brainy Euphie, that's still good enough in my eyes. You probably have people to spend Christmas with already, but don't be a stranger.
= = =

= = =
I don't know if you had anything to do with it, but everyone's still alive, which is practically a miracle. So thanks. If there's anything I can do for you, I'm there.

The tree's name is Verbena. She grows better if you feed her a bit of gossip every now and then.

✿Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year/birthday

= = =

= = =
I meant it when I said thanks. Take care of Green and your team. And Kirby, too. Stay safe.

The tree's name is Amelia. She's a bit fussy and likes attention, but I know you can give her a good home.

✿Merry Christmas, Goldie.
= = =

= = =
Thanks for everything. I don't know how I can make it up to you, but that doesn't mean I won't try.

The tree's name is Hazuki. She's pretty easy-going, but likes late night conversation.

✿Merry Christmas to you and your team.

PS. I named the flower Jude. He's been doing fine.

PPS. Can you teach Kojiro how to trim bonsai trees properly? He's mauled about a dozen more of these plants, it's really depressing to watch.
= = =

= = =
I'm going to try my best to do right by everyone. Don't be mad at Red. Take care of everyone.

The tree's name is Suzuha. She needs a bit of patience, but I know you can make her happy.

✿Merry Christmas to all your guys
= = =

= = =
Take care of her.

The tree's name is Freesia. She's the most laid back of all my trees, so I'm trusting her to you.

✿Merry Christmas

PS. I'm not going to forget about the pants. I just need to earn some money first.
= = =

= = =
to Mac: Two small satchels, one with a handful of sleep powder collected up, and one with a few worry seeds. There's a note that reads: I don't know if these'll be useful in any way. The powder makes you fall asleep right away, and the seeds make you insomniac. They're helpful in a pinch.

to Spinarak: He spent the last of his pocket change to get you two bug lollipops. The candy parts are very sweet. The bug parts are very bug.

to Lash: While his chainsaw collection is bust, he still has a bunch of scrap stuff from being a kleptomaniac around logging sites. He doesn't know what half this stuff is for, and most of it's broken. Maybe you can do something with it.

to Dana: There's a tiny fantasy figurine from his Dungeons and Dragons junk that reminded him of you. It hasn't been painted, so it's all silver plastic, sculpted to be some sort of druid. It's wearing a cloak, and has two long horns that resemble Dana's headpiece.

to Parakarry: No idea what to get you, so here's one new roll of heavy-duty, all-weather duct tape that he found in his closet.
= = =

= = =
[Marie, Sasha, Sonny and Kojiro get a small basket of berries. Euphie gets cat grass. Red gets a satchel of berry seeds that Vinnie had brought back from his trip from the Garden. All the presents are accompanied by a letter.]

This is probably going out on record as the crappiest Christmas on my part, but I don't have the money to get you the presents you deserve. Basically, this is an I.O.U. for something better. You guys know that anything I own is as good as yours already - I'd do anything for you and I'd give you all I can give.

Even without half my leaves, that hasn't changed. But I just wanted to say... thanks for putting up with me.

I'll try not to drag you down.

= = =
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